We have chickens, and in the winter, we have heat lamps to keep them warm. But we have to go out to the coop and turn it off if it is too warm, and turn it on if it is too cold. I wanted to make a temperature sensor system that turn if on and off automatically. Warning: Line voltage is dangerous. Adult supervision and help is advised.

Step 1: Get It!

You will need these materials:

  1. Arduino Uno R3
  2. The Arduino IDE (http://www.arduino.cc/)
  3. Relay (High power for switching line voltage, smaller one, DIP package, for prototyping)
  4. Red LED
  5. Green LED
  6. 220 ohm resistor (x2)
  7. Breadboard
  8. Jumper wires
  9. Temperature sensor (I used the MCP9700-E/TO but another 5 volt one would work)
<p>I like your build. I'm looking at several builds to help shape how I want to do a few home automation projects (including chicken projects) myself. Chickens are dirty, curious and peck everything. How do you have your project protected? Also have you considered a Thermo Cube (check Amazon)? Not as cool as building one - but effective and cheap.</p>
<p>I have not yet installed it, so i haven't thought of that. We can walk into our chicken coop, so probably at the top in the corner</p>
<p>thank you. i hope to improve it, and please vote!</p>
<p>This is so smart, especially since usually getting to the switch for chicken coop heat lamps involves braving the unsheltered world. Awesome job showing your process! Welcome to instructables!</p>

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Bio: I like to create things that solve problems, using Arduino, Beaglebone Black, and Raspberry Pi to create projects that are useful or interactive.
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