Picture of Chicken Coop from a Playhouse
Unless you have the same exact swingset that we did, this Instructable will only give you an idea of what I did to transform my playhouse into a coop. Obviously you're not going to end up with the same end product as me, but hopefully some of what I did will help spark some ideas for your coop project!

My wife and I tried our hand at chickens about 3 years ago. We loved having them, but we made some mistakes in our setup that ended in the termination of our chicken ownership. We mixed aggressive and passive breeds, had a big coop that was built by a rookie, and our run was in a damp area that bred mosquitos. Our poor girls were featherless on their butts from brutal attacks from the other chickens establishing dominance. They would go to sleep at night and get eaten alive by mosquitos since they had no feathers to protect them. In addition, I built the first coop with a chicken cloth bottom to “make cleaning easier”. So, Craigslist helped me offload the chickens and the coop in about 2 hours! Ever since, we’ve missed having them.

We believe in repurposing whatever God gives us. “If it can be used for something else don’t throw it out,” is one of our mottos. For about a year and a half we’ve been watching the price of eggs go up and talking about our girls and how we would do it differently next time. Little did I know that my big opportunity was rotting in my backyard!

After Hurricane Katrina, I bought a 2 decker, wooden swing-set with a slide and playhouse on top. Lately, the kids have been telling me how the boards are bowing and they feel like they’re going to break. The bottom deck was starting to rot and the boards on top were probably at the end of life. I decided to take it down, but noticed that the playhouse on top was still in great condition.
Wow this is really cool! My husband and I are looking to move back to the country, and I want to get some more chickens. This is a really nice coop. Saving and sharing! Thanks!
that takes me back to when my dad told me a story. he would watch the chicken hawks dive at the chickens at 80mph and he watched his grandmother go: click, click. BA-BANG!
flodato (author)  scientist801 year ago
That sounds like fun!
What a great idea! It looks so cute too. :D
flodato (author)  jessyratfink1 year ago
Thanks!!!!My first coop was functional, but not aesthetically pleasing. This one is way better.