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I'm attempting to eat a little healthier this experiment recently popped in my head while watching a food show.

Step 1: Ingredients

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I started with about a half pound of ground chicken, about 4oz of diced ham, part of an onion diced and 4 slices of swiss cheese also diced, I also used 2 types of Mrs Dash seasonings i(steak and chicken) instead of salt, about a tablespoon of mustard for a binder and about 1/4cup of oil to add moisture

Step 2: Mix

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I mixed the previous ingredients and formed into burger like patties

Step 3: Fry

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you could bake these or cook on a grill but I chose to pour about a 1/4" of oil in a pan and fry them

Step 4: Serve

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I served mine on a hard roll along with sweet potato fries (no real reason why except both were buy 1 get 1 free when I went shopping.)   oh yeah..ranch dressing on the fries

Step 5: Conclusions

 This chicken burger was really tasty but next time I'll run the ham through the processor or grater, the chunks made for an odd juxtaposition of textures. Swiss cheese is normal for a cordon bleu but I think a sharp cheddar or even a pepper jack would work really well


lemonie (author)2012-12-30

My dictionary says that Cordon Bleu means "Of the highest class". I didn't know that, so you inspired me to learn something, thanks.
I've never seen "ground chicken" where I live, but I don't eat chicken, so I may have overlooked it.


l8nite (author)lemonie2012-12-30

I didn't know that's what it meant either. The show I was watching talked about how the dish started out in up scale french restaurants but was quickly ruined after being accepted in the US.
I'm not big on chicken either but I try to vary my diet, if I have a cardiologists nightmare meal then I'll balance it with something more heart healthy, this is more of a borderline healthy
Ground chicken and turkey is available in most grocery stores here, maybe because it's supposed to be healthier. Ask your meat provider, maybe you can start a local trend !

lemonie (author)l8nite2012-12-31

"balance it with something more heart healthy" sounds a bit like "dicing with Death" or "hedging against mortality"? Don't worry: you could die in a RTA tomorrow (two of my friends nearly did, and one of them is still in Hospital)

Happy New Year!


l8nite (author)lemonie2012-12-31

I've danced with death and survived on many occasions but my diet isn't one I need to worry about, I think of it as more of a balance. My cholesterol levels are at a good level so I try to keep them that way. Over indulge in a deep fried double bacon cheeseburger, cheesy chili fries and a deep fried twinkie ala-mode one night and the next day its salad for lunch with broiled fish, rice and steamed veggies for dinner amd maybe some deep fried oreos for dessert }=- ) Happy New Year

Lorddrake (author)2012-12-29

I'm coming over to your place for fancy burgers :)

l8nite (author)Lorddrake2012-12-30

I'll leave the light on

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