Chicken Divan - Om nom nom!!!

Picture of Chicken Divan - Om nom nom!!!
I don't remember where I watch this recipe, but ever since it's one of my "signature" dishes at home and at parties. It's fast, delicious and can feed an army on a budget. 

I love it, but mostly because I love mushrooms, pasta, and brocoli. Oh yeah, it has chicken (it's on the name of the dish...)

Sorry, no vegan option, I think I'm entitled to my dairy and my poultry, xthxbai!!
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Step 1: Greens!!

Picture of Greens!!
This story starts with a pretty midget tree, A brocoli. 
I can talk you a specific amount, because I prepare this recipe from the heart... ok, that was too much... I don't really use measures, just be sure it's as much brocoli as a medium size chicken breast.

Cut the brocoli into bite-size pieces, or even smaller. Don't you love fractals? the pieces look like tiny brocoli... brocolis... brocolii??? Put them in salted water for at least 15 minutes, and then steam it. I use the microwave for this, works wonders and the brocoli stays green and pretty fresh. Microwave steam it for about 5 minutes. 

Step 2: Protein, I summon you!!

Picture of Protein, I summon you!!
Now, for the animal protein part of this play, we need a medium size full chicken breast... well, not full, without bones. Filleted but not very slim, I actually like big chunks of meat on my meals. Just remember to keep them bite-size. 

What I do with the chicken is very simple. Season with lemon-pepper, and fry on a very hot pan with rosemary and olive oil, until golden and sexy. 

Dude, seriously. Golden AND sexy. 

After that, let the sexy golden chicken cool before dicing it. Trust me on this one and be patient, if you try to dice or slice ANY meat while hot it will shred and fall apart. If it is cooled down it will slice and dice like a charm. I don't want to annoy you with this but BITE-SIZE. 
mrichard22 years ago
Sick of pasta and potatoes? This yummy chicken dish is savory, filling, and much healthier than the original version!

Fittodo.com Team
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rawrmk2 years ago
looks reaaly tasty i want to try it.
Looks great. You had me when you seasoned the chicken with lemon pepper. :P
pbrux (author)  jessyratfink3 years ago
This household supports lemmon-pepper all the way, chicken and fish alike, it is a very nice seasoning indeed. Glad you liked it!!