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A Great Treat!!!


Egg/Milk Wash


Deep Fryer at 350 degrees

Dip raw bacon strips in flour, egg/milk mixture and then in flour again. Deep Fry in 350 degree oil until done. Serve with Ranch or your favorite Maple Sriachi sauce.


panhead55 (author)2015-04-16

It ain't health food!!! I'm lovin' it. Try adding a just a little bit of sugar just after it comes out of the fryer... while it's still hot.

Southfox67 (author)panhead552015-04-23

I took your advice, sprinkled a little brown sugar on it--LOVED IT... I made my pepper gravy a bit heavier on the pepper with the sweetness... was SPOT ON! Thank you!!

jball9 (author)2015-04-23

This is the Bomb and you can serve it like we do in Texas with White peppered gravy! Leftovers microwaved are even great!

Southfox67 (author)jball92015-04-23

Thank you! I love this too!! You can hear me mackin on the gravy I made... it's a good but simple pepper gravy.

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