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Hi, this is my entry in the pocket-sized contest!It is a Easter chicken in a jar or bottle.You can always carry it with you!Oh, this is my first Instructable!Oh, and I'm Australain, so any odd terms, ask!This is my entry in the Pocket Contest!

Step 1: You Need!

Picture of You Need!
You need:
Small jars, eg from an Op-Shop ( a small churchy secondhand shop!)
Easter Chickens, (Everywhere around easter)
A pen/ pencil, ( your desk)
Blu Tack, (officeworks!)
charchar24 years ago
The green one is sooo cute!!!
KM534 years ago
I love them!
hmm... wonder if you could stuff a fullgrown chicken inside so it doesent take up space in the fridge
Warlrosity (author)  Doctor Freeman5 years ago
As in an alive one?
either dead or alive if its alive if its yours you dont have to kill it the lack of air does (no i would not do this to my animals or anybody elses i let them live to they go)
Warlrosity (author)  Doctor Freeman5 years ago
Morbid Much?
these are so cute!
Warlrosity (author)  susanfromhauntspace5 years ago
Yeah, people always say that.
i don't think its cute :)
precision5 years ago
Very cute.
Warlrosity (author)  precision5 years ago
Thank you.
cogni5 years ago
Chook means chicken I guess! Cute!
NicOmbra6 years ago
noobie6056 years ago
Warlrosity (author)  noobie6056 years ago
ChrysN6 years ago
Warlrosity (author)  ChrysN6 years ago
Thank you!
uguy6 years ago
No air holes?