Introduction: Chicken Kiev Sandwich

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This is a chicken kiev sandwich

Step 1: Choose and Prepare Your Bread

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I'm using a pre-sliced granary loaf for my sandwich, but any kind of regular bread will do.

Take your bread and butter it. I'm using an olive oil spread, but other spreads are available.

Step 2: Mayo!

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I don't know about you, but I love me some mayonnaise. This is Hellman's mayonnaise, although you could make your own

Step 3: Spuds

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Mashed potato is key to this recipe.

I prepare some mashed potato prior to constructing the sandwich - I feel it saves time in the end.

I leaves the skins on the potatoes, as I feel they add flavour. I'm using new potatoes here.

Step 4: Baked Beans

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I like a small amount of baked beans on my sandwich.

Don't overdo the beans though, or the sandwich will ooze too much at the sides.

Step 5: KIEV!

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The main event.

Take one oven-baked chicken kiev and position it in the centre of your sandwich.

I always opt for garlic butter kievs, but the choice is yours.

Step 6: Ketchup

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An optional step. If you like ketchup, add it. If not...

Step 7: Top Slice

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The final building block in the chicken kiev sandwich: the top slice.

Again, I'm using granary bread, but experiment a little. Some prefer wholemeal.

Step 8: Bringing It All Together

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At this point, your sandwich will be too tall. If you eat it like this, chaos will ensue.

To save embarrassment when dining, gently but firmly apply pressure to the top of the sandwich, pushing down. Be careful not to squish the contents out of the sides.

Step 9: Eat the Sandwich

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I use my hands for this, carefully picking up and then biting the sandwich with my teeth.

Cutlery could be used, but it is a sandwich.



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