How to Build a Chicken Roost


Introduction: How to Build a Chicken Roost

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Several species of birds, including chickens, have a natural need to perch. This is due to their instinct to protect against potential predators.

Making a perch is then essential to design an aviary or a chicken coop.

Build a perch is very simple and requires few materials.

Step 1: Making a chicken perch - Select materials

Step 2: Choose and cut a board for a roosting bar

Step 3: Make the chicken roost bar supports and fixing brackets

Step 4: Attach chicken roost to the chicken coop

Step 1: Fixing Chicken Roost

►3: Fixing Chicken Roost in hen coop or aviary

Screw the support bases to the fence (in this aviary) or to the wall (in hen coop). The Chicken perch height:
2 feet (24 inches).

French instructions: Instructions en français.



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