Step 2: Prepare Ingredients

Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees F.

Boil the chicken first. (You will need some of the stock for the sauce.)
Put 1 Tablespoon of salt in with it.
(I also put the basil stem in)

You need to chop every ingredient into small pieces, so it can fit in the pie.
your boiling pan is heart-shaped?<br /> cute! :D<br />
Hmmmmmmmmm...makes me hungry, now I&nbsp;have to go eat! Cman<br />
If I wanted to make this ahead of time, then pop it in the microwave for lunch later or something, how long should i heat it for?
Depends on your microwave. Do 2 minutes, then try 1.5 more. Make sure to poke a hole in it before you start; we don't want any exploding chickens!
I tried it twice but took out the asparagus and added bacon with a quickly baked on cheddar topping... my kids loved it. Thanks for the great recipe!
Thank You for the idea!! I've tried it a few times now. Lots of different combos.
I love easy recipes and this is one! I have a suggestion, if you dont mind. For the crust? Use those biscuits in a refrigerated can, like the croisant. Patch a few together, fill and pinch the edges together. Jan
Those look amazing! Thanks for sharing.
do you have a recipe for the pie crust?
2 9" Pie crusts are: 2/3 C. Shortening (heap it a little over the cup) 2 C. Flour 1 tsp. Salt 1/8 to 1/4 C. Very Cold Water Mix the Flour and Salt Cut the shortening into the flour using a pastry cutter, or a fork. It needs to be thoroughly worked in. Add the cold water slowly, working it in with your hands. Turn it onto a floured board and begin rolling out. I used pre-made crusts for this Instructable.
k, thanks
Do you have a recipe for the ones they made in Sweeny Todd? Those looked delicious.
Therapy...lots of therapy Mr. Dahmer. JK Funny quote:)
Looks good, and easy! They would also make fun soup ravioli/wontons if you used a slightly smaller cookie cutter.
The olive oil actually worked, and gave it flavor. But, you are right. Nix the olive oil and use an egg wash with the pastry brush. (It gives it a glossy look too, doesn't it?)
Nice. You should try an egg or egg white wash brushed over to give it a better and browner glaze than oil. I have found that water or egg would help seal the edges rather than it slipping with oil.

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