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Howdy folks!

"Chickens are way better than people at composting: they have unlimited patience, pre-installed garden-tool feet, integrated nitrogen/potassium/phosphorus dispensers, and an insatiable urge to scratch. So why not put them to work?"

I scrambled to finish this instructable this evening:

...thinking I'd gotten in under the wire for the "Share your Garden" contest... but on the glorious "Publish" page, the contest link was nowhere to be seen! Was my clock wrong? No!

Apparently I can't read, because the contest clearly states that the eligible instructables must be "photo" instructables.

So, with about 20 minutes to go until the deadline for entry, I hastily assembled this non-structable, featuring a few photos excerpted from the 'ible I published a few minutes ago. I agree that this is sort of lame of me to do, and will graciously accept disqualification should it come my way. But Technically this is something I built in the garden, right?

Either way, please take a peek at the instructable if you are a fan of compost, chickens, or both... and if you are so inclined (and I somehow avoid disqualification), I'd appreciate your vote.

Many thanks, and happy composting!

Mike Craghead


petergovaere (author)2011-05-27

Hello Mike, nice job ! But I do'nt quit understand how you put the chicken to work. What's their roll in the composting-story ?

cammers (author)2011-05-26

Can the chickens get out if they choose? Or do they eventually become part of the compost?
I'm joking of course. Nice work. My chooks are keen helpers in the compost heap too.

wilgubeast (author)2011-05-24

Mike, this looks pretty nice. The step by step version is really nice. This technically qualifies as a Photo Instructable, but your other one is better. Good luck in the contest either way.

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