How to make the food of the gods, Chicken Salad.

Oh chicken salad - you are so delicious. If only I could marry you...

Step 1: Gather the ingredients

The beautiful thing about chicken salad is it's versatility. You can put as many or few ingredients as you like. It's a great way to clean out the fridge and make something out of it. Just make sure there isn't anything growing on your produce.

This chicken salad was one of my better, check it out:

-Leftover BBQ chicken
-Green onions
-Raw almonds
-Curry powder
-Rice wine vinegar
-Salt and Pepper
yaj hiih we
Nice food, I can eat a bowl of this.
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I just made this today. Unfortunately a forgot to by curry powder so I used a mix of turmeric and paprika. I also used home-made Mayo that I made from another instructable. <br>http://www.instructables.com/id/Healthier-Homemade-Mayonnaise/<br>
Jicama maybe called Turnip in other places. In ours, it's called &quot;singkamas&quot; :D
can any one please tell me what a jicama is and its eqivalents. i live in australia so i dont know if it is the same as something over here because of its name. any help would be appreciated, oh and by the way this looks fukn awesome<br />
Other than the fact that I don't like chicken salad, it looks great
Salad is awesome. Salad with chicken in it, even awesomer. :D
I really don't like chicken salad because of the danger of it going bad if kept out too long. Or if the chicken is undercooked. I think you should have included warnings that undercooked chicken is very dangerous to eat.
Gimme a break Thomas.You sound like a nagging old lady
If I can prevent someone from getting ill from eating undercooked chicken, I don't care what I sound like. I'll take the hit. You, on the other hand, only care about insulting people. I am asking that you not return to this site. Thank you.
i like to substitute the apple and nuts for pasta
I just made it- awesome recipe!!!
Apples and nuts have no place in chicken salad! Actually, it looks pretty good, but when I make it I'll leave those out.
What? You've never had a Chicken Waldorf Salad? Of course they belong!
I just have one of those palates that likes the sweet and savory separated. I don't like orange slices in salads, or nuts in Chinese food. For me, chicken salad should be creamy and savory. Chicken, mayo, celery and spices is all that I need.
i totally agree, but my mom is always complaining that my sandwiches are too bland...
Interestingly, the best chix salad I've had has been Arby's Market Fresh Chix Salad. Go fig. Grapes, carrots, apples, pecans.... so naughty and textural!
You can also use yogurt instead of mayo.
I hate mayo, sadly. The rest of the ingredients look good, though. :P
you can substitute mayo for sour cream with some dill, blended cucumber a little bit of salt and pepper and a tiny bit of lemon juice. it tastes great Revo
I'm going to the store now. Looks wonderful!

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