Chicken Soup from Scratch

Picture of Chicken Soup from Scratch
With the cooler weather approaching/hit/always there, there is an increase in indoor living.  With the indoor living comes increased chances of  COLDS!  

Here's a simple from scratch made chicken soup recipe that anyone can make, and all can enjoy!
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Step 1: Ingredients - Soup Stock

Picture of Ingredients - Soup Stock
Most of these ingredients are already in your house - or can be obtained very quickly at any grocery store:

- Pack of chicken thighs (can use any part, but I prefer the thighs for flavor)
- Carrots
- Celery
- Onion
- Rosemary (whole is what I use)
- Dried Parsley

Step 2: Preparing Soup Stock

Picture of Preparing Soup Stock
In a large soup stock pot, combine:

- Chicken thighs (Take the skin off to reduce the amount of fat you want to remove later on)
- Carrots (Cut in half)
- Onions (Cut into Rings)
- Celery (Cut in half)
- Liberal amounts of rosemary and Parsley
- About 9 cups of water.

Bring to boil about medium High Heat, then once boiling turn to medium low, and let it all do it's thing for about 2 hours covered.

(If you wish to have a more intense flavor, boil uncovered for an additional 30 minutes)

Once good to go, take out the chicken.  Remove the bones and cartilage, and shred the rest.  Set this aside for later.

Strain out the remainder of the food, so you're left with just the liquid.  I usually place into a bowl, and into the freezer for about an hour, so I can skim off the fat, but this is only a matter of personal preference .

Step 3: Soup Ingredients

Picture of Soup Ingredients
Now that you have your stock made, it's time to get on with your soup!

Here's what we're going to need:
- Carrots (About 3 medium, cut into coins)
- Celery (About 3 ribs, cut into thin slices)
- Fresh Parsley (About half a bunch, leaves only)
- Chicken (From stock)
- Thick Noodles (1 Portion, broken length-wise in quarters)
- Stock
LorraineD made it!2 months ago

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the ease and simplicity of this recipe! This is the first chicken soup I have ever made and I am so happy that I didn't have to use store bought broth!! Sorry about the pic....it was still steaming!

caeric (author)  LorraineD2 months ago

Awesome! Thanks for trying the recipe and enjoy!

adrianq13 months ago

most of the ingredients are in my house? Hey man get of my house!

LesB3 years ago
Looks like good basic chicky soup. Just what a bachelor needs!
When I saw "from scratch", I thought I would have to go out and steal a chicken from a chicken farm.
chipper353 years ago
Looks good......I just made a pot (another recipe, but simple) a few days ago; but this looks better than mine!!