Introduction: Chicken Spinach Cream Pizza Ring Recipe


500g chicken breast

1 portion pizza dough

200g bacon stripes

200g mozzarell cheese

200g leaf spinach

1 glas cream

salt & pepper

Step 1: Preparation

Picture of Preparation

Cut the chicken breast in small pieces scatter salt & pepper to it and fry it in a pan. When it looks good add the spinach and stir a few minutes. Pour the cream to it and let it simmer a few minutes. Roll out the dough and cut a star in the middle. Place a ring spinach- cream-mix on the dough and sprinkle mozzarella cheese over it. Now wrap the dough around the filling.

Step 2: Finish

Picture of Finish

Wrap the bacon stripes around the ring and put it in the oven at 180 degrees celsius circulating air for about 20 minutes and enjoy.

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SHuberog made it! (author)2017-04-08

It is just awesome :) Thank you for this amazing recipe

FoodforDude (author)SHuberog2017-04-10

That looks real good! Iam happy for that

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