Step 5: TA DA!

The grilling smell will make you even more hungry.....Go get your plate and be the first to serve.

Sharing with love and enjoy it.

I have posted this in the Hurriecane contest too.
I am a day care mom who is working full time,and do not have enough time for my sewing and crafting work which I love it very much.If ever I win the laser cutter I will give up my full time job or reduce it to a couple of hours(because I do a lot of craft work  with the kids and they will be dissapointed to see me no more)and start my own business at  home as I have enough and more sewing orders which I can not do it on time.Every instructable I do with the help of the laser cutter,I will definetly post it on this great site.
it taste so so good yum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <br>
Is the Temperature in &Acirc;&deg; Celsius or Fahrenheit???
It's Celsius.You won't go wrong.It is easy and Tasty too.Good luck
We tried it last week. It turned out great, thanks for the recipe!
Welcome! Glad it came out well.
ill definitely try this out soon... thanx for the easy steps
Delicious.You are posting excellent cooking.This is so easy to make.I know looking at it alone it is very tasty.Must try this over the weekend.
Thank you for the recipe,it looks so easy.a must try!
Welcome. It''s not only , taste delicious too.
Delicious! I would love to try these, and you made it look so pretty on the plate with all the fancy garnishes!
Thank you! Buy a good mix.
Thank you.Please try this awesome Thandoori.Buy good thandoori paste .
What if i cant find the thandoori pack? Is there a way i can make it from scratch?
Yes! I have the receipe to make the Thandooei Paste. It's a Long procedere.will post when I have the time.

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