We made this chicken as part of the Instructables August Build night with Jameco. Our makerspace is called Make Shop, we're in Dublin and we're part of the Science Gallery. Since Jameco were nice enough to give us some 555 timers, we thought it would be cool to use them to make some crazy noises. We had some LDRs in the shop so we used the breadboards to prototype a small light sensitive synthesizer circuit. I later transferred it onto a tinier breadboard, and then onto stripboard. Then I put it in a chicken because I thought it would be funny. When you're making this yourself, you can use anything you want! I replaced the chicken's eyes with the LDRs, but you could use a bear, a cat, a weasel, a handbag, a hollowed-out book, a sombrero, an Altoids tin. It's up to you and your imagination. 

Step 1: Things You Will Need

555 timer chip
IC holder
2x LDRs
1M resistor
10k resistor
4.7uF capacitor
0.22mF capacitor
8 ohm 0.5W speaker
Coin cell battery holder
2x CR2016 3V batteries
Tiny stripboard
Assorted lengths of wire
A chicken or something

Again, we were given some of these components by the nice people at Jameco!
I can report this works with unmodified real chickens.
<p>Cool!</p><p>Could you please post a diagram the circuit?</p>
Do you have the schematic? Great idea!
Also, could you set one of the photoresistors to effect the volume?
<p>Just saw this now, that's an incredible idea! I'll figure it out.</p>
I used a schematic that was originally Make Magazine's light sensitive synth, but we messed with it a bit. I made schematics for it on Fritzing, I'll upload it when I get on an actual computer.
Please, no offense, but am I the only one here who does not know what a Chicken Theremin is/does? It might be nice to have something at the top explaining what this is. You know, for the rest of us.
A theremin is a musical instrument that was commonly used in classic sci-fi/horror movies. It produces a tone based on how close your hand is to the device. This is definetly an interesting project!
Oh, and congratulations on being Featured.
Thanks! I am pretty super happy about it. <br>
I could have explained it, but I figured people would be intrigued by the name and want to click on it and see what it is. Seems like it worked!
I think &quot;Chicken Theremin&quot; would make a great band name!
That is SO cool!!!

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