Chicken Tractor - Mobile Chicken Coop From Recycled Car Shelter Frame




Introduction: Chicken Tractor - Mobile Chicken Coop From Recycled Car Shelter Frame

For a cheap workers in your garden, why not building a Chicken tractor.

Chickens feed on fresh grass, heat insects in your kitchen garden and plow the soil.... like a tractor!

I used recycled materials to build mine.

Building pictures: Chicken Tractor design

Step 1: Build Cheap Chicken Tractor With Recycled Materials

Recycled boards from snow fence and galvanised steel frame from old car shelter frame.

Detailed information: Framing Idea for a portable chicken coop

Step 2: Covering Chicken Tractor Frame and Adding Wheels

After framing steps, you must cover your mobile chicken coop with poyltry netting.

Other pictures: Stain chicken coop frame

A sliding door for your movable chicken cooop... why not!

See: My sliding door design

You can add wheels on your chicken tractor.

Idea: Recycled Wheels for chicken tractor

When this step is finished, let your hens enter in your new chicken tractor.

Instructions en français (french instructions): ---> Construire un tracteur à poules



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