Chicken Waterer





Introduction: Chicken Waterer

I needed a clean/efficient water delivery system with out taking up space in a compact coop. By leveraging "water nipples" bought online for $5 for a dozen I built a system for about $15.

Step 1: Drill 1" Hole for Garden Hose Attachment & Vinyl Hose.

Drill 1" hole for hose attachment & goose neck valve. I used a rubber hose washer to avoid leaking, no sealant needed. After attached, move on to connecting the 3/4" vinyl hose w/ hose clamp.

Step 2: Attach Water Nipples & Distribution Pipe.

Drill holes for each nipple, I have 4 birds so inherently 4 nipples. I did use plumbers tape in addition to silicone caulk.

The piping used is plastic designed for outdoor sprinkler system. I am sure pvc would be fine but I preferred the grey look.

Screw on threaded end cap and elbow. One side of the elbow is threaded, the other ribbed - designed for hose attachment. Again used a hose clamp for added security.

Step 3: Elevate Bucket and Attach Distribution Line.

The bucket exit valve should be elevated above the distribution line to allow for gravity to fill. I placed behind the chicken coop for easy access but also positioned to be out of sight.

I leveraged old stones from a previous project.

Attach the distribution line to the birds natural head height (no extension/bending). I attached directly to the chicken wire with zip ties.



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    This looks great! I love the look of your chicken coop as well!

    1 reply

    glad you like it, got it from farm & fleet, very cost effective