Chicken Wonton Soup





Introduction: Chicken Wonton Soup

Pretty simple to make. You can fill with beef, pork, shrimp or even tofu.

Step 1: Method

Quantities are depending how many bowls of soup you'd like to make!

Wonton wrappers

Poached/boiled seasoned chicken, shredded

Frozen peas, thawed

Piquancy powder (or cayenne or omit)

Garlic powder


Hungarian Vegeta powder or Knorr/Royco powder

Ground white pepper/black pepper

Beef bouillon/chicken bouillon

Enough water

1 green onion, thinly sliced

Mix thawed peas with shredded chicken and add Piquancy, garlic, pepper, salt, Vegeta, stir to combine well

Place a generous tsp of mixture on wonton wrapper, wet all sides, gather each ends to create a pouch, pinch to seal

Bring water to boil, add bouillon, green onion, Vegeta, garlic, salt, pepper, and adjust flavor

Drop in wonton and cook for about 7 minutes long

Serve immediately and enjoy :)



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    I've been looking for a well explained wonton soup recipe for quite some time. Giving this a go with the first opportunity.

    happy cooking!

    I'm voting for you because your entry made me hungry! If you are inclined to check it out, I have an intsructable entered (a DIY custom t-shirt quilt) in "Before & After", "Sew Warm," and "Handmade Gifts". Entering made me want to check out all the other contests. Good luck!

    good luck on your entries!

    happy cooking!

    you just got me hungrier checking this instructable out, had to cast my vote! congrats on drawing a crowd! love this one!

    many thanks!

    What is a substitue for Hungarian Vegeta powder or Knorr/Royco powder? Never heard of it in the US

    seasoning powder such as bouillon powder, flavor is depending on you, can be chicken or vegetable. altho chicken would be awesome as the wonton is chicken filled :)

    Vegeta powder can be purchased on btw