Chicken and Dumplings are like a staple in southern cookbooks and homes!

This is how my grandpa fixed them, Its one of my favorite "food" momories of him.

I love them like this and I hope ya'll will too. He didn't use canned biscuits but hey I don't have the time to make them haha

Step 1: What You Need:

What You Need:

4 cups Chicken Broth ( I buy the Boxed Swanson kind that you can open and close)

Chicken (I usually use about 4-5 skinless, boneless, chicken breast But have also used a whole chicken!)

1 Can of Biscuits (I love the kind with butter already in them)


(This will serve 3-4 people, depending on how much they eat) Double for more
This sounds very good, and looks great! <br>When I have made/altered chicken and dumplings I've used the pre-mixed white gravy powder. <br> Made it separately, then mixed it in later before serving. <br>It might be easier, but probably lends a slightly different taste too. : )<br>Cant wait to try your recipe!
Oh this looks scrumptious!! And so easy, too =)<br><br>Have a you ever boiled the chicken in chicken broth, &quot;instead of&quot; using water? I'm wondering if this might give the chicky a bit of added flavor ;)<br><br>Thanks for a great 'ible!

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