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We decided to keep chickens, for their eggs, manure and as pets.

I looked at some designs and roughly based the shape and certainly the colour on our bungalow (in Australia, that means a stand-alone room out in the backyard, not a single-storey house).

I wanted to make it clever, so added a storage cupboard to the side and a drawstring to the pop door.

My wife wanted it to be cute, so I added shuttered windows and put a ledge over the pop door.

We can see it from the lounge room, however a pineapple sage has gone absolutely nuts and blocks the view of the front door.


juliblue (author)2013-07-17

How often do you turn the hay in the base of the coop? I have just recently gotten 2 hens, and wonder - do you add the hay to the compost? Thanks!

Mimikry (author)2011-04-24

very nice one.
i already have a chicken coop - but I think i'm using parts of your design for a rabbithouse - the cleaning tray is a very good solution.

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