Chickpea's Doppelganger


Introduction: Chickpea's Doppelganger

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This is an amigurumi I crocheted for my granddaughter. It's a twin of her new puppy, Chickpea. We can't decide which one is cuter Chickpea or her yarn doppleganger.

Please vote for Chickpea's amigurumi twin if you think she is cute too.



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    this is ultimately the cutest!

    This is adorable. My wife's grandma would love to make this. Do you have a pattern to share? Not really an -able if there are no instructions to make it.

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    I think the beating heart chickpea is absolutely darling,kisses for her little puppy nose!! .... however the fluff hearted one will be easier to housetrain and thusly gets my vote :O)

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    Thanks! And Chickpea has grown up. She is a rowdy, sassy little Chickie now. We all love her.