This is my sweet little boy, Chico. And here is his little home I recently made. It was really simple to put together and didn't cost me a dime. I just took a dryer box and used a box knife to cut off the front of the box. Then I cut the remaining sides all the way to the bottom.
Next I took  and poked holes near the top edge of each of the sides, using a screwdriver. All that was left to do was take some string and
lace the sides together, like you would do for a shoe, then add the bedding. Hope you enjoyed this instructable.

Quick update.....It's getting a little chilly here at night, so I've put a good size piece of faux fur fabric over the top. Don't want my little guy getting cold!
<p>Thanks, I will be doing this myself, my mini pinscher is beggining to be cold around here!</p>
Its like an A frame cabin.
Yeah, it is. Chico really likes it.

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Bio: I've been married now for 12 yrs. I have two little chi's, Chi and Chico. They constantly keep me entertained, when I need ... More »
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