Chii Ear Head Phones (chii...chiiiii!!!!)





Introduction: Chii Ear Head Phones (chii...chiiiii!!!!)

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yes chii from the anime chobits finnaly headphones that empower anime viewing(or not) well in any case they show otaku pride and are great for cosplay (if you dont want to hear the otaku noobs talking).

Step 1: Gather the Materials

you will need
some headphones
a glue gun
some scissors
a marker
that craft foam sheet stuff (one foam needs to be white)
and a circular object

Step 2: Mark the Foam Sheets

use your circular item to draw um... a circle...on the foam sheet.

Step 3: More Marking

on the white foam drw the shape shown in the picture one bump in the middle and two widest ones on the sides.
then on the blue one take a fourth out of it.

Step 4: Now Cut Them Out

you should have the shapes that are shown in the picture.

Step 5: Break Out the Glue Gun

make the blue circles into cones using the glue gun

Step 6: Break Out the Glue Gun Continued

take the white peices and glue them to the white peices as shown

Step 7: Glue Them Onto the Headphones

take the newly formed ear peices and glue them to your headphones.
and you are done .

Step 8: Done

well you made headphones that make you look like a persocon from Chobits Are you proud of yourself...
Well go cosplay to yoour hearts content and when people see you listening to music with these on you will be a symbol of otakuness.



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    Very cute! That's awesome :)

    Thanks for sharing. It was really hard to make mine into headphones being that the head strap goes behind the head and not on top, but I did it and it's fun to wear. I totally plan on trying again to improve them. Thanks!

    Chobit ears.jpg

    ooh cute, im going have to make a pair myself!

    This was really helpful thanks! I had to use felt instead of foam, which unfortunately made them floppier, and indented slightly where i glued them to the head band, but you don't really notice, with my hair down. Thanks sooo much.

    this seems really easy but can i use a headband instead of headphones? what do you think

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    yes. you can use a head band just hot glue the pieces to the head band and there ya have it less function but same looks

    I didn't have white craft foam, only pink but I didn't let that stop me. I used thick white paper instead and I also added some things. Mine are also smaller since I used these cheap dollar store headphones (which work just fine btw). Pics :D

    Picture0060.jpgpersocom ears.jpgpersocom ear side view.jpg
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    making due with what you have nice!

    I love this~!!! I'm making mine right now! They're so cool looking~!

    haha kewl idea!!! xD

    Great Idea! xD
    I'll try! =D
    Thanks! ( i still do not read all mangas, the last one is missing! xDDD)

    Surprisingly easy to make, I think I'll do this one soon, thanks!

    be cooler if u installed headphones for ur ipod too...great job though

    1 reply

    oh wait u did*hehe...awesome job, sorry jus woke up and logged on my fav diy site

    I personally don't like anime, but you did a great job, I have to give you that. Nice job. :-)