Step 4: Now Cut Them Out

you should have the shapes that are shown in the picture.
Sugoi! XD
Very cute! That's awesome :)
Thanks for sharing. It was really hard to make mine into headphones being that the head strap goes behind the head and not on top, but I did it and it's fun to wear. I&nbsp;totally plan on trying again to improve them. Thanks!<br />
ooh cute, im going have to make a pair myself!
This was really helpful thanks! I had to use felt instead of foam, which unfortunately made them floppier, and indented slightly where i glued them to the head band, but you don't really notice, with my hair down. Thanks sooo much.
this seems really easy but can i use a headband instead of headphones? what do you think
yes. you can use a head band just hot glue the pieces to the head band and there ya have it less function but same looks
I didn't have white craft foam, only pink but I didn't let that stop me. I used thick white paper instead and I also added some things. Mine are also smaller since I used these cheap dollar store headphones (which work just fine btw). Pics :D
making due with what you have nice!
I love this~!!! I'm making mine right now! They're so cool looking~!
haha kewl idea!!! xD
Great Idea! xD<br/>I'll try! =D<br/>Thanks! ( i still do not read all mangas, the last one is missing! xDDD)<br/>
Surprisingly easy to make, I think I'll do this one soon, thanks!
be cooler if u installed headphones for ur ipod too...great job though
oh wait u did*hehe...awesome job, sorry jus woke up and logged on my fav diy site
I personally don't like anime, but you did a great job, I have to give you that. Nice job. :-)

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