Picture of Chii ear head phones (chii...chiiiii!!!!)
yes chii from the anime chobits finnaly headphones that empower anime viewing(or not) well in any case they show otaku pride and are great for cosplay (if you dont want to hear the otaku noobs talking).
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Step 1: Gather The Materials

Picture of Gather The Materials
you will need
some headphones
a glue gun
some scissors
a marker
that craft foam sheet stuff (one foam needs to be white)
and a circular object

Step 2: Mark the foam sheets

Picture of mark the foam sheets
use your circular item to draw um... a circle...on the foam sheet.

Step 3: More marking

Picture of more marking
on the white foam drw the shape shown in the picture one bump in the middle and two widest ones on the sides.
then on the blue one take a fourth out of it.

Step 4: Now cut them out

Picture of Now cut them out
you should have the shapes that are shown in the picture.

Step 5: Break out the glue gun

Picture of break out the glue gun
make the blue circles into cones using the glue gun

Step 6: Break out the glue gun continued

Picture of break out the glue gun continued
take the white peices and glue them to the white peices as shown

Step 7: Glue them onto the headphones

Picture of glue them onto the headphones
take the newly formed ear peices and glue them to your headphones.
and you are done .

Step 8: Done

Picture of Done
well you made headphones that make you look like a persocon from Chobits Are you proud of yourself...
Well go cosplay to yoour hearts content and when people see you listening to music with these on you will be a symbol of otakuness.