What do you do when you lose a child in a crowded area? Besides for losing your mind and subsequently, your temper when you find said lost child, its time to become proactive by preparing your non-verbal or nearly non-verbal child(ren) with identification information secured to their clothing or skin.

If a child becomes separated from you, another adult can easily see, and contact you with the information located on your child.

In this Instructable, I outline four different methods of visually preparing your child's person with your contact information for a lost child scenario:

1- Button pins that can be pinned onto clothing
2- Stickers that can be placed anywhere on the child
3- Lanyard tags that can be worn around the neck or adhered to clothing
4- Temporary tattoos located on child's arm.

Note: These four methods can be adapted to communicate other information such as an allergy list etc.

Step 1: Pins

I designed and printed bright-backed circular tags (I've included a JPEG template for your convenience. Just add in your own telephone number etc) to use on a 1.5 inch button maker.

After cutting out the tags, I placed them in my button maker, pressed down, and backed with the button maker's safety pin. They're now ready to be worn on the outer-most layer of your child's clothing

<p>Nice Tags for kids. It's easy to make and so colorful. Thanks for sharing this article.</p>
This is great, but no kid in the world would want to wear this. I don't mean to be rude or anything....
liked your instructible very much. Henna can also be used as a temporary tattoo.

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