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Introduction: Childbirth Education Doll

This is Ida Faye. She is a midwife, educator and mother. She loves to educate little ones about the reality of birth. Yes, she agrees it is a beautiful miracle, but it is also messy and weird and sometimes scary.

For more about Ida, visit my blog at

If you would like to purchase Your very own childbirth education doll, please contact me through etsy for a custom order.

The pattern is available on my etsy site.



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Questions & Answers


Important work!  Good for you. Have you ever seen a doll that can be opened to reveal organs?  I would really like to find one.

that's some great work there, one question, does she scream and curse too?  jUst being facetious.   Great work!

Why does everything to do with the human body is creepy? Just a question...

Because our screwed up society has convinced us it is...

I realize that...I was just wondering because I did a design that floored everyone and the comments that I have gotten was so wrong, why?, that is disgusting...well you get the idea. Here is where the design is...Cora's Blog.


Yeah I saw it on one of your slideshows.