Picture of Childproof your Ikea chairs
I was happy with my unpronouncable Ikea chairs until the birth of my son. As all children he tends to spoil everything in the house. You can see the result (original blue chair) full of crap. So i decided to childproof them. Now, he even can play with playdough or water painting on it.

Step 1: Gather the material

Picture of Gather the material
- Ikea chairs or any chairs build the same way.
- some vinyl table cloth (choose a good quality one with fabric underneath : love the smell of vinyl that remember me of inflatable ducks when i was small on a beach).
- a stapler.
- something to measure.
- something to cut.
- a screwdriver.
- a good italian coffee to drink before starting.
LOL- I now have a fun name for Ikea :0)
I might do this with this pink strawberry oilcloth I have tons of. Great idea!
Pink strawberry oilcloth sounds divine! Please show us your finished product.


It is true, kids inadvertently do tend to "change the appearance " of household items, but that is not synonymous with not loving your child or feeling negatively towards her, it's just a fact of life ;0) Your advice is practical, and if and when you get tired of the pattern, you can easily change it.
lonerayven6 years ago
Kind of negative towards your kid.
chtinico (author)  lonerayven6 years ago
I must admit depicting a child as a threat for furniture is not very nice, but he was happy to be on the photo. Next time, i will try to think before writing a description of an instructable.
cornboy37 years ago
Heh, I broke mine by falling backwards onto the wooden edge of a futon. :)
richelton7 years ago
...a good italian coffee to drink before starting.
Never a bad idea. (grin)
Ha, very cool. Maybe if I got like 50 of these chairs... :P
jongscx7 years ago
So I guess now you have a My-kea chair...