In my childhood home, the wall next to the laundry room door was covered with a series of marks and dates. A few times a year my mother would tell me to stand up tall with my shoulders back up against the wall, a cereal box would be placed on top of my head and a line drawn where it touched. Each line was dated and another addition to the history of my growth was created. At the age of 12 my family moved out of that house and all that history was painted over by the next inhabitants. While at the time it seemed like more of a nuisance to have my height marked regularly, today it's a missing piece of my personal history I would love to have kept.

A broken tape measure may be the end of the tool as a whole, but not its parts. not wanting to throw away a perfectly good piece of measured steel It struck me that a piece of tape measure would be perfect for recording the growth of children.

Bill of Materials:
-1 6”x 0.75” board 5’ or longer greater
-1 Tape measurer
-Wood Glue
-Picture hanger
-Felt Pads

Suggested Tools:
-Table Saw
-Screw driver
-Sand paper
-Picture hanger
-Chop saw or hand saw

Step 1: Step 1

Disassemble the tape measure carefully.  Begin by removing the 5 screws that hold the casing together.  Make sure to keep a hand on the case so it doesn’t pop open.  Open the casing slowly, to make sure it doesn’t pop out.  Remove the coil from the casing (that’s the white part) and put a finger on the tape to keep it coiled up. Slowly unroll the tape in a safe place (remember it’s as long as the  tape says it is, so it’s best to do this in the garage or outside.)
What a great simple idea.
This is such an awesome idea! Lovely photos too :)

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