Picture of Children's Outdoor Play Table
Learn how to build an outdoor activity table, using scrap materials from around the house. In all this project took approximately and 1 hour.
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Step 1: Materials

First you need to assemble your materials. For this project I had, a daughter wanting to make mud on the deck, 4 - 16" 4x4s and a 2' x 4' sheet of plywood, leftover from an earlier project.

1. Restless child looking for something to do
2. 4 (4 x 4) blocks
3. 1 Sheet of plywood
4. Deck screws
5. Drill
6. Counter sink + deck screw bit
7. Sander


Speed Square (This made making the corner lines easy)

Step 2: Mark your legs

Picture of Mark your legs
For this step my helper and I used a speed square to mark where the legs were going to go.

We created lines that were 3" from the sides to form a corner. This step was repeated for all corners.

Not to overstate the obvious, but this made it easy to find the legs when I drilled down from the top.

Step 3: Connect your legs

Picture of Connect your legs
Next position the legs under the table. I made matching marks on both sides of the table top.

All I had to do was, position the legs in the marks on the bottom of the table top.

With the legs positioned properly, I counter sank two deck screws into each leg.

This is what it looked like after all the legs were screwed in.

Step 4: Sanding it down

Picture of Sanding it down
To minimize any discomfort I sanded the corners and edges down.

Kids and splinter do not mix well.

Step 5: Wrap up

Picture of Wrap up
From here there are a few thing you can do to finish it out.

1. Sand it down again and add a chalk paint top
2. Paint it so it fits in with the backyard more (camo to hide it from the wife)
3. Edging to stop run away crayons and such.

I'm not sure how strong this table is, but two of my three were able to stand on it with out the table shaking. To strengthen it a bit I might add some 1 x 4s for cross leg support and stability.
vpatrick3 years ago
That's impressive creation and definitely the girl is very cute..
Outdoor Fitness Equipments
matt3925 years ago
Great Instructable - the picture proves it can stand up to punishment!  :-)
scoochmaroo6 years ago
Your girl is ADORABLE!!! She belongs on TV. She brought me a smile today.
How about rounding the corners?
v1c1ous6 years ago
is there an instructable on how to make your kids happier to have their picture taken?
jeff-o6 years ago
Nice! Definitely add a few coats of sealant to protect the table from the rain. That wood will last less than a season if exposed to the elements!
swartley3ga6 years ago
I like it...very simple and inexpensive way to have an outdoor table...
now if you made one of those sand and water tables w/a lid that would be super snazzy =)
Sandisk1duo6 years ago
very simple!
Since it's plywood, you should definitely seal it with some kind of a paint or varnish. Plywood likes to warp in moisture. Other than that, good job!