Picture of Children's Step Stool
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14, 7:49 PM.jpg
My sister wanted a step stool for her two year old in the bathroom. The following is what I came up with and is my first instructable. For this project I used only what I had lying around from previous projects so this stool could definitely be modified and improved upon.

I used scrap pine boards from another project:

x4 - 4"-1"-16.5" (For the step tops)
x2 - 3"-1"-15" (For the front supports)
x1 - 12"-1"-15" (The back)
x2 - 12"-1"-14" (The sides)


-Appropriate Safety Equipment for working with power tools and dust.
-Circular Saw
-Kreg Pocket Hole Jig
-1 1/4" pocket screws
-Wood glue
-Sand Paper/Sander
-Measuring Tape

Step 1: All The Cuts

PatL66 days ago

I Love it... thanks so much for sharing. I am just an old granny and I think I can make it.

I have an old stool like this I've been dragging around for over 2o years. For whatever reason, the stool is practically untippable. Simple design that really works. Good ible too!