Picture of Children's Yard Stick Growth Chart
2014, 6:25 PM.jpg
2014, 6:25 PM.jpg

This instructable is WAY longer than needed, but that's part of the fun of making these things.

The thing about kids is they grow. And they also enjoy tracking how much they grow. The problem with being adults, is that we sometimes have to move. While a door jam or behind a door is often a good place to mark your kids heights, it's not usually practical to cut out a big piece of drywall or start peeling off trim to take with you to your next home.  Here is a quick and easy, no major tools required, growth chart that you can take with you where ever you end up.  And it looks styling to boot.

This is my go to gift for baby showers and first birthdays. It costs less than $12 to make, is super unique, and is something they will have forever.

Here is the finished one I made for my daughters first birthday. My plan is to mark it every birthday by placing a current picture of her at the the growth mark.

The materials needed for this instructable:

- 6"-10" x 6' board. (the type of wood doesn't matter, neither does the width really but try and get one as flat and straight as possible so it sits flush on your wall)

- some wood stain (I just used what I had laying around, it's a slightly tinted translucent polyurethane, white wash would look nice too)

- some sandpaper or a sanding block

- dollar store shelf liner (for making a name stencil)

- 1.5" number stencils (or live dangerously and freehand it)

- exacto knife

- large ruler/tape measure

- carpenters square (if you don't have one just use a book or some piece of square material)

- black sharpie

- some paint and brushes (I used my airbrush because it makes feel better about owning a $100 airbrush that I've only used 4x, Dollar store paint and brushes work fine)

mterpstra1 year ago
my lil daughter will love this when she gets older
mikemehak (author) 1 year ago

Thanks for the kind comments people :)

sbarnett61 year ago
Awesome idea. Take pride in the fact that you've given me something to do Sunday after church. Bravo sir.

This is such an adorable idea :)