Child's First Stilts





Introduction: Child's First Stilts

My six year old grandson was visiting one day and we got into a conversation about what granddad did when he was young. I told him about stilts and he gave me a "HUH" look. So I looked through my stuff and came up with these stilts.

Step 1: Gather Materials

The easiest way to find materials for this project is to check your scrap pile. I looked in mine and found an eight foot length of 2 x 2 that I was able the cut in half for the legs. Then I cut an eight inch piece of 2 x 4 in half to form the foot pieces. I also had some iron strapping that I was able to use to attach the foot pieces with screws. That way I am able to adjust the height of the foot pieces as needed. if I hadn't had the strapping I could have used any pieces of thin wood.

Step 2: Construction

I didn't want the stilts to be too difficult for my six year old grandson so I started the stilts out at the lowest level possible which gave me room to raise them as he gained experience and confidence.I folded the iron strapping around the 2 x 2 and screwed it on both sides to the 2 x 4 foot pieces. I added another screw at the back of the strap to hold the foot pied in place. I'm now able to raise the foot piece whenever I choose by removing the rear screw and lifting the foot piece to the desired height. The stilts easily held my light weight grandson and were sturdy enough to hold his significantly weightier granddad.



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Nicely done! Every kid should have a grandpa like you!