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This was actually my boyfriend's idea, but he doesn't cook and he isn't on Instructables. This was my favorite of all of his ideas, so I decided to make it. Basically, it's a chili cheese dog, but pizza shaped!

The base is chili that my dad made, I used cheddar cheese, and it's topped with sliced hot dogs and onions. This turned out really good.

Step 1: Ingredients and Supplies

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  • Hot Dogs - preferably grilled (for flavor), but since hot dogs are pre-cooked, you could use them straight from the package. I used about 2½
  • Pizza Dough
  • Cheddar Cheese (about 1 cup)
  • Corn Meal and/or pan spray
  • Chili (maybe around 1 cup)
  • Onions (not pictured)
  • Any other chili-dog-type toppings you'd like to add!
  • Pizza Pan (or you could use a pizza stone)
  • Pizza Cutter
  • Cutting Board
  • Knife
  • Grill (optional)
  • Grilling Utensils (optional)
  • Spoon for spreading chili (not pictured)

Step 2: Prep the Dough

Picture of Prep the Dough
  1. First, spray the pan with pan spray and sprinkle on some corn meal.
  2. Then stretch out the dough in your hands (I just do it in the air - let it hang until it's wide enough for the pan). I wish I knew how to spin it around ;)
  3. Put the dough in the pan and spread it to the edges.

Preheat the oven to 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

Step 3: Grill the Hot Dogs

Picture of Grill the Hot Dogs

Grill the hot dogs (if you want to). Hot dogs are fully cooked, so you don't need to grill them if you want to save a step. I grilled them to add some flavor.

Slice the hot dogs into 1/4" - 1/2" thick pieces. I wound up using about 2.5 hot dogs. That was about perfect for 1 piece in each 1-2 bites of pizza. You could do more or less to taste.

Heat up the chili if you want. Mine was frozen so I had to heat it. If it's fully cooked and not too cold, you could probably skip heating it. If it was in the fridge, I'd probably heat it a little.

Step 4: Put It All Together

Picture of Put It All Together
  1. Make sure the dough is still stretched out to the edges. Poke holes in the dough with your nails. (this prevents crazy bubbles but still allows for some little ones)
  2. Spread the chili out on the pizza. I tried to get some meat in each bite. I wound up using somewhere around 1 cup, maybe a little more.
  3. Sprinkle on the cheese. I always do about 1 cup when I make a pizza.
  4. Sprinkle on onions and any other extra toppings you're adding.
  5. Evenly space out the hot dog slices on the pizza. Mine have about 1 slice worth of space between them (or that's at least what I was going for). This turned out pretty good but you can tweak it to your taste.

Step 5: Bake the Pizza

Picture of Bake the Pizza

The oven should be preheated to 450 now. Put the pizza in.

Bake the pizza for about 15-20 minutes. Normally when I make pizza, it takes about 20 minutes but it was faster this time. I think it was because the hot dogs and chili were warm to begin with. Turn the pizza 1/2 way through cooking to ensure even baking.

Once the crust is golden brown and the cheese is nice and melty, take it out of the oven and cut into slices. The hot dogs started to brown/burn on the top, but they were tasty.


BOOM5601 (author)2010-09-21

Looks good, gotta love the american way of twisting healthy foods into addictive, fattening, but extremely tasty food!

Turpis (author)BOOM56012010-09-21

Pizza? Healthy?

bastien.brenu (author)Turpis2015-11-21

well, initially. like burgers.
it's just bread, with tomatoes, meat, vegetables and some cheese.....
put all of that in a plate, you'll have a pretty healthy meal.
and if it's do the right way (without things coming from supermarkets),

zascecs (author)Turpis2010-09-21

you got a point there

BOOM5601 (author)zascecs2010-09-24

In the original Italian form, pizza WAS healthy, and then the U.S. got ahold of it.

zascecs (author)BOOM56012010-09-24

lol, dumb us...

jwystup (author)BOOM56012010-09-24

Yeah we like to screw things up like that ;) Maybe that has something to do with the obesity epidemic over here...

BOOM5601 (author)jwystup2010-09-24

Just maybe.

BOOM5601 (author)BOOM56012010-09-24

Go watch supersize me, it'll show exactly what is causing the epidemic.

jwystup (author)Turpis2010-09-22

That's what I was thinking ;)

babygirlxoxoxo (author)2015-05-13


ked1997 (author)2013-04-15

pure brilliance. bravo!

zglynn (author)2011-09-05

nice i have all the ingredients and a pro chef for a dad

blknwhtcat (author)2011-05-01

Beautiful! The Perfect Food! I'm gonna teach my grandsons how to make this!

kodysaysjump (author)2011-04-14

This looks so good!

dummy1977 (author)2011-03-17

Damn. I wonder if a chicago style dog pizza would be worth trying. celery salt, sport peppers...oh my?

Biohazard1194 (author)2010-09-22

This looks absolutely awesome.

Yeah, and now I am hungry! :))

howpilgrim (author)2010-09-22

This looks so good (and fattening). I wonder why I haven't see this idea before. You may want to sell this idea to the pizza companies or hot dog restaurants.

Chunky Mulroney (author)2010-09-22

I've made a similar pizza before. The only thing I do different is add Mustard. I add it to the chilli, and then add some to the top. Like a weird Yellow Garnish perhaps. A-Ma-Za-Zing!!!!!!

jwystup (author)Chunky Mulroney2010-09-22

Oooh that sounds good. I'm sure there are a few different things you could add to it (like we put onions on it). I might try the mustard thing next time!

jwystup (author)2010-09-22

Thanks guys!! :D

l8nite (author)2010-09-21

that really does look tasty

dark sponge (author)2010-09-21

(*Mouth watering*) I need to try this! 5/5 stars without even eating a bite! Of course, if it's not very pleasing I'll change the rating, but I have high hopes for this :-)

GCLumpkin (author)2010-09-21

This is a MUST DO. Thanks!

abadfart (author)2010-09-04

that looks amazing

valhallas_end (author)2010-09-03

Sounds and looks good...never thought about chili pizza before... I'll have to try this next time I'm in the mood for pizza!

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