I made some of this years ago and have corrected at least one mistake I made then with this batch. 
You should end up with a potent and flavorful wine good for cooking or the brave at heart.


Step 1: The Begginning

The ingredient list is quite short, water sugar, chili peppers (your choice as the the hottness type), yeast.

Wash your peppers and then chop into small pieces, ending up with 3-4 cups worth. 

Now the important part that must be done outside!!

Put the pepper pieces in a pot with enough water to cover them, bring to a boil then let simmer for 15-20 minutes

Remove from heat and let cool.
<p>you need to monitor the temperature of the batch, use wine yeast, and pitch the yeast once primed into the batch at a safe, productive temperature for the colony.</p>
<p>you do not need to make wine outside. you need a vessel that will safely hold a volume of material greater than that you intend to heat. it does not need to be boiled, pasteurization temperature is more than sufficient- but you need to dissolve the sugar. and you need to tend your batch.</p>
<p>do not use bread yeast to make wine. use wine yeast. they are different.</p>
my brother made jalapeno wine some years ago.. it was NOT his best attempt but it may be time for another attempt... welcome back
Mine was pretty smooth just hot. I made the mistake of boiling the peppers inside and my eye burned all day after.

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