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Introduction: Chili Potato

Our maid is from Nepal (next to India) and they eat ALOT of spicy food over there...
One day she tought me this recipe : it's the Chili Potato recipe :)
Hope you like it :D

Step 1: Ingredients

You will need: 2 boiled poatoes, salt & pepper, chili pepper, green onions, tomato
Knife, cutting board (not shown), pestle

Step 2: Wash Everything

Should I explain ?

Step 3: Grind the Chili Pepper

grind the chili peper using the pestle...

Step 4: Peel the Potatoes & Mash Them

Step 5: Seasoning

add salt, pepper, and grinded chili pepper as much as you want

Step 6: Cut!

cut the green onions into tiny pieces, and the tomato into slices

Step 7: The End

Add the green onions to the potato, put everything in a new plate and decorate with the tomato slices.
Enjoy it !!



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    Cool!I like the wash pic!

    AWESOME if you like it please vote for her

    Am I crazy or are you washing the veggies there with soap?

    I LOVE Indian food. I'll definitely have to try. tfs

    If you like it please rate :D

    Yummmm, I know I will like it. And you gave a beautiful presentation. Thank you for the recipe.

    That looks amazing. Nepalese food is awesome.