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Introduction: Chill Chair

The Chill Chair is a multipurpose, low bearing chair, that can be used in many locations, such as the beach, or a bonfire. The chair is constructed entirely from pallet and scrap wood found around the shop.

Step 1: Gather

The first step is to gather the wood that you will use for the Project. The pallet must be taken apart piece by piece to assure that the wood does not split.

Step 2: Design Concept

Find a Design online that will work for your project. I found this design at "".

Step 3: Construct

Take your pieces of wood and cut them accordingly with designs in the previous step. Follow all safety procedures in accordance with lab rules. Be sure to avoid splinters and use gloves, especially when working with pallet wood.

Step 4: Continue

Follow the Design as closely as possible.

Step 5: Enjoy

Enjoy your Instructables Project!



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and, hey, great job on posting your first Instructable :)

ohhh, very nice! I want one of these for the beach!