Step 2: Make the Popcorn

Use the microwave and cook according to instructions
Heat olive oil in a pan, throw the kernels in and cover with a lid. Listen for the pops, don’t burn, season
My popcorn always ends up soggy when I add the chocolate, do you know how to fix this?
Great instructable.<br><br>I love &quot;hot&quot; in my chocolate - i put cayenne in my chocolate smoothies... - <br>oh, and i like the hair! <br>
thanks hun. If you try any dif types of chocolate or chilli combos, do let me know :)
My favorite smoothie - lunch after a run - Mocha Fiber Protein Kick!<br><br>1 banana frozen ( be flexible, can substitute berries or figs)<br>1 c milk<br>2 tbs raw oat bran<br>1 tbs instant coffee ( reg or decaf as desired)<br>1 scoop chocolate protein powder<br>1 oz raw almonds (or nut of choice)<br>1 tsp cayenne (adjust to desired 'kick')<br>Ice to 20 oz total <br><br>Makes about 20 oz smoothie
The first photo on the last step is great! Makes it look so yummy. :D
Thanks, girl. Try it, its super easy and tasty xx

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Bio: I work on a Yacht where I am the Chef and SCUBA instructor.
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