Installing a stainless steel chimney liner is an easy and economical way to repair a deteriorated, unsafe, or inefficient chimney flue. You will be able to install a chimney liner after reading this instructable and you can do the job with common household tools. A chimney liner should be installed to reduce the chance of a carbon monoxide leak, chimney fire, and creosote buildup. Chimney liners also improve the energy efficiency of the appliance and makes fireplace maintenance easier. Most stainless steel chimney liners come with a lifetime warranty. 

First, you must determine the appropriate size chimney liner for your specific setup. The chimney liner diameter size you will need equals the size of the exhaust hole on the appliance. The chimney liner length you will need will equal the height of the chimney. I recommend ordering slightly over that amount to give room for error. Visit http://www.rockfordchimneysupply.com for more information about stainless steel chimney liners.

Step 1: Installation Tools You'll Need

Only a few tools are needed for a successful chimney liner installation. You'll need a razor knife, flat head screw driver, caulk gun, a pair of working gloves, and safety glasses. Shown in the picture is a grinder with a cut off wheel. The grinder will give you the best cut when cutting off the excess chimney liner. A sawzall or hacksaw will also work fine. A power drill will also be needed for the project but is not shown in the picture. 
<p>There is no such thing as a &quot;flat head&quot; screwdriver - you're referring to a &quot;straight&quot; screwdriver. Flat head screws may be Phillips drive, or they may be hex (Allen) drive, or they may be square (Robertson) drive, or they may be star (Torx) drive, or they may have any of an assortment of other drives. They may also be slotted, or &quot;straight&quot; drive, in which case they're driven by a &quot;straight&quot; screwdriver. Common misnomer, but it's still incorrect and can sometimes lead to problems if used.</p>
<p>Smash!<br>Just one word for the renovation of my kitchen Splendid!! I have seen many chimneys<br>in my whole life but have never seen anything like this! Its amazingly<br>beautiful! You should also consider <a href="http://www.firesidechimneysupply.com/" rel="nofollow">chimney liners</a><strong>.</strong></p>
<p>Does anybody know if there are any companies on Costa del Sol (Malaga/Marbella region) which can supply and install these liners? I live in an apartment and the original chimneys are a mess, my fire smokes the neighbours out and without a liner I am not able to use it.</p>
<p>nice job ... Where can I buy a chimney liner kit in sydney</p>
This is exactly how we install these liners, with two differencences, We pull the liner taught and secure the top plate before trimming to remove the slack in the liner and we will always insulate the liner unless it's for a furnace to keep the creosote buildup low. Other than that this is a great guide. <br> <br>Also, people should check with their homeowners insurance providers before installing this themselves. Sometimes they like to drop you if a certified chimney sweep didn't install it or inspect it.
Nice job!
Thanks Lowriderpr!!!
I had a chimney liner installed when I had my furnace replaced a few years ago. I was told that with time, the fumes damage the mortar between bricks in a chimney and a liner prevents that to occur.
That is correct blkhawk. The stainless steel liner will also make the furnace run more efficiently as well, drastically reducing the amount of condensation in the flue.

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