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Introduction: Chindogu Insect Eliminator

WARNING:  This instructable was made specifically for the Chindogu Contest.  PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT TO MAKE AND USE THIS.  Dire consequences will result.  This is only meant for amusement.

How many times have you sat down to relax and read your favorite magazine when some gnat, fly or mosquito starts buzzing around your head?  

Here's my thought process:  Where do you usually read?  That's right.  Close to a light.  What attracts insects?  Right again! Light... Oh, and you too... Sitting right next to that attractive light.

Problem solved.  I've attached a can of insect spray to my reading light and added a low-tech push button activator.  I'm reading comfortably, an insect attacks my face, I reach over, hit the button and the insect goes away.  What could be better?

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Ain't technology great? :-)



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Questions & Answers


I know I'm missing the point, but this is actually a somewhat practical idea, if using a spray bottle full of isopropyl alcohol.

I spent a career inventing things... Some actually sold. Maybe my Chindogu ideas are too close to being logical for the humor to peek through (even though that's what makes Chindogu, Chindogu).

(see - and -

But trust me, having anything, including water, sprayed in your face would be aggravating at least. It would be more practical to have a can of insect spray sitting next to the light, that could be picked up and aimed at the thing flying around...

Now HERE's a practical idea you might like (not Chincogu):

An attachment that fits over a standard can of insect spray that has a remote trigger and one of those huge anti-aircraft aiming sights like those you see on WWII battle ships... Now THAT would be fun. When I get the time, I'll make one up and post it.


If anyone would like to go through the horrendously difficult and expensive process of patenting, manufacturing and marketing any of my Chindogu ideas, feel free to do so with my blessing.

The only thing I want out of it is your vote:-)

A useless machine... I'm not the expert, but if you have an idea that sounds good, but causes other problems, chances are, it's Chindogu.

Ahhhhhh..... my eyes, MY EYES!

Great idea! Although I can see how this si serious chindogu. Check out my T-Shirt with a fan in it. I think that mine is chindogu as well! Cool post though!


Ya... I'm hoping it's accepted into the challenge. Kinda dangerous, but I like the humor of it.