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I got arrested for about ten hours by Chinese Military Intelligence last year. They were nice guys and it was an interesting experience but that's another story.

Today's story is that they've got a really slick way of protecting a CD. Just put it on a piece of paper and fold the sides as shown, making a pentagon shape. I've been doing it like that ever since. Unlike normal sleeves and cases, it'll shed dust from most angles. I don't know if it's the product of an intensive research program or informal ingenuity, but it's a damn fine trick.
Fully biodegradable to boot!

The one in this picture was folded by an actual Chinese Military Intelligence Interrogator!!


penguini88 (author)2011-07-06

Cool CD holder. I made it out of a stronger paper to keep my CD protected better. Really effective!

Dima210 (author)2006-07-28

wouldnt it scratch the cd?

carpespasm (author)Dima2102007-09-08

i've used them before to keep cds in a backpack. they're better than nothing if the disc will be in close quarters with other things that would scratch it worse, but you have to make them very tightly to not have the disc spin or move some and scratch it a bit. the longer they're in there the worse off they get. It's still a pretty neat means of cd carriage.

absolute zero (author)carpespasm2008-07-22

i have built in cd cases in my binder, i rock so hard!!!

mrbob1000 (author)Dima2102006-08-21

no because if you wrap it tight then it wnt move around

orlanka (author)2006-12-15

Um, how did you end up there?

sprintmarathon (author)2006-10-16

I bet it would work great for my iPod too!

Scurl! (author)2006-07-10

i've been doing this trick for years. i bought it off a guy on a junk wearing a bandana around his face who said his name was chuck. i had no idea it went as far up as chinese military intelligence! maybe i SHOULD have bought the meecrofilm he was trying to get rid of....oh well.

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