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This instructable will be teaching you how to make a Chinese Gong, which can be used for movies, fights, etc. I use it right before a ping pong match with my brother.

Step 1: The Materials You'll Need

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Black spray paint Hammer Nails Tape measure Wood Fishing line (it shows rope but I ended up using fishing line instead) Saw Clear Polyurethane (optional) Drill

Step 2: Making the Pieces

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Cut out the wood pieces that are one inch longer than the symbol on each side as shown. Make six of these

Step 3: Making the Box

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Now take four pieces of the wood and nail them together.

Step 4: The Stand

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Take the remaining pieces and nail those together and then nail them to the bottom of the box.

Step 5: Finishing Up the Gong

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Now drill two holes into the top of the symbol as shown, then put on the clear polyurethane (optional to give it the shine) and the black spray paint to the box and tie the symbol to the box with the fishing line. I actually used screw-eyes to tie onto the wood. To make a stick you can simply take a stick and cover the end with rubber bands. You are now done!


JoeN3 (author)2015-04-15

There are problems with this instructable aside from misspelling the key word. For one, it is missing a major piece of information. The other is that it's a small cymbal, not a gong. Second, a major ingredient is the cymbal turned on edge, the specs of the cymbal are key, yet are completely missing--the diameter, thickness, type, etc. This young man was industrious enough to take step by step photos, and have a workable plan, but should hold its contributors to a higher standard and not just pass along flawed information. Thanks

edward.diaz.7777 (author)2015-02-28

CYMBAL . not symbol.

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