This will show you how to make your very own Chinese Lucky Cat-O-Lantern!

Step 1: Step 1- Make the Pattern

First, draw a pattern based on a Chinese lucky cat. Try to make it carve-able. Color in the sections that will be carved out with a permanent marker, then make a photo copy (you can reduce the size at this point if needed, depending on how big your pumpkin is)
<p>Awwww, nice! I love maneki neko.</p>
can you take a &quot;straight-on&quot; picture of the stencil? If you wouldn't mind, I'd love to print it off and use it for my jack o lantern this year!! :) As the person above me said, I can't draw to save my life.<br>
Erm..... That's actually a Japanese Maneki Neko (A.K.A. Lucky Cat), But otherwise, cool Instructable! Unfortunatly I already carved my pumpkin (As it's Halloween night as I type this) otherwise I would probably make that.
Great instructable! But just a note, Maneki Neko (lucky cat) is actually Japanese lol. My cat Neko is actually named for the lucky cat, so I'll probably have to try and carve a Maneki Neko pumpkin this year! Thanks for the instructable!
very creative! thumbs up!!
Beautiful pumpkin, and the design is lovely as well. Did you draw it freehand, or find it somewhere online? (I saw the picture with the ceramic lucky cat, I was hoping that the drawing was somewhere online, because I can't draw to save my life) As the person above me mentioned, there are other ways to get the pattern on the pumpkin than the connect the dots method. My personal way is with carbon (transfer) paper, which transfers the whole drawing in one step, however, I like his idea of cutting right through shipping tape and will have to try it. Thanks for posting this terrific instructable!
Very nice carving/tutor. For simple cut through patterns, you could just use clear shipping tape over the entire pattern. and carve through the tape and pattern. Saves time (and your hands) from poking all those holes. For more advanced patterns, use transfer paper. St0ney stoneykins.com

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