I chose 3 colors: blue, green, and yellow.  But you can anywhere between 3-8 colors (keeping in mind that the more colors you choose the thicker the bracelet will be).  When it is done it should look like this:

Step 1: How to begin:

You begin any friendship bracelet by choosing the colors, cutting the string into equal lengths, tying it into a knot, and fastening the knot under tape/with a safety pin.  It should look like this
Really like this.
Very pretty
Looks really cool.
Have to try this!!
Was a bit confused with your first picture of the finished product but looking at the last pic you have up I get a much better look at it, looks quite cool actually.
Looks easy enough, gonna pass it on to my mom and have her make me one, shes amazing with all that crafty stuff... Maybe a pink, blue and white one.
Hmmm....I gotta try this. It doesn't look too hard!

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