This is my first instructable.....

I Modded a clamp light Oriental style! Great original x-mas gift for that person who loves Chinese food

you also see my Spray can light at the end of the video. i made that with out taking pictures of the process...

This is great.&nbsp; I've been messing around with ideas for interesting light covers for track lighting for a kitchen I'm dressing for a movie and these would be really cute.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> Thanks for posting the video!<br />
you should send me a pic if you do! =)<br />
Im using a CFL bulb. ive had it on all day once, doesn't get hot at all<br />
um yeah, i agree with Jethrokill. fire hazard. maybe if you modded it to use LEDs instead of incandescents. just a thought. looks neat though. <br />
&nbsp;isnt that a fire hazard? incandescent bulbs are hot<br /> <br />
nice one. <br />

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