Picture of Chinese paper throwing star
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This is a simple way to make a chinese throwing star!  You can use different kinds of paper to make your star.  Notebook paper is shrper, but it does not have much weight.  Printer paper I think is a good selection.  It has weight and some sharpness.

Step 1: The Beginning!!!

Picture of The Beginning!!!
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The first step is to first grab your kind of paper. Either notebook or printer.  Lay it down in front of you so that the paper is like this.
Jonathany24 months ago

I kinda know what to do, but i don't really understand

Goalie1 (author) 5 years ago
This is my first instructable so if you have any tips, I would appereciate it!!
It was a good instructable - but you may want to take better pictures of each step because I couldn't always see what you were doing. I was able to work around that and had two made in about 15min.
tankguy Goalie15 years ago
 You should try using printer paper, it's a lot stronger. You could also try stapling along the edges to give it weight and make it look cooler.
Goalie1 (author)  tankguy5 years ago
Ok. Thanks!!  Any tips on how to make my insructable instruction more clear?
tankguy Goalie15 years ago
 Well, I like to take pictures in sunlight rather than using flash or a lamp or something like that. It just makes the picture look nicer. You can check out my instructable to see what I mean.
Goalie1 (author)  tankguy5 years ago
OK.  Thanks, I'll go look.
DCengineer2 years ago
Made some for my little brother and they work great! It helps to use staples to hold them together
soccerqueen4 years ago
hi this is an awesome instructable
cloggy015 years ago
heyy thanks dude im totally using theese in french and maths! :D
007dna5 years ago
 I used to make these in school all the time. I stapled the edges, and put little weights as well, and the thing could you half a football field. It was awesome. You should try that.