Chip Bag Emergency Reflective Blanket





Introduction: Chip Bag Emergency Reflective Blanket

If you are in an emergency and don't have a reflective or Mylar emergency blanket. Then make your own. How to recycle you old chip bags into an emergency reflective blanket.

All you need is:
chip bags (6-9)
Dish soap to clean chip bags
Duct Tape

The rest is quite self explanatory. Make your own and enjoy.
More chip bag recycling ideas coming soon!



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I like this idea. I'm putting together a couple little survival packs (car, home, general winter, zombie apocalypse) and I wanted an emergency blanket for each. But that's just a little too much money to spend on those projects (and I can't choose between the zombie apocalypse kit and the general winter kit).

Has anyone tried and tested one of these? Are they as effective as the ones you get at the store? And does the duct tape make them significantly harder to pack up? (my zurvival kit has gotta be nice and small so i can still run!)

Thanks for the comment. It is a little hard to pack into a tight little package. But iy is good in a pinch and if you have enough bags you can use as a shelter. Video to follow.

This is an innovative idea however using this blanket out west is a more a hazard to your health than not having a blanket at all. I think I would rather be cold for one night before getting ripped apart by a bear. This is however a useful tool in those parts of the country that are bearless so to say.

-hi !, today is jan 7th, with the mid-term elections just over, the sides of the road are litter'd w/ ''vote for me signs - - check it out many of these signs are mylar bags
slipped over a bent wire frame, cleaning these things up is a environmentally
friendly, politically correct thing to do !!!

Have fun Big Al

best idea-i wanted an emergency blanket, but i didn't want to spend 10 dollar on one... But this is a grate idea! keep thinking of other useful stuff!

Thanks for the comment Isurvival. I am going to have a more projests like this in the future. Just have to find time to do them. I also have other survival tips and Ideas at my blog Cheers Robert