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A wallet made from an old chip bag. There are two variations of this. One only has the flap for reciepts and cash and the other has a coin pouch and a place for a credit card. For the simpler variation, stop at step 4. For the more complicated version, skip step 4.

Step 1: Materials

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1. Siscors
2. Chip Bag
3. Hot glue gun + glue (or duct tape, but you get better results with hot glue)
4. Velcro Tape (optional)
5. Bill

Step 2: Eat the Chips

This step is pretty self explanitory, go get your self a bag of chips and eat them. Almost any size will work, the bigger the better!

Step 3: Cut Your Bag in Half

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Cut your bag in half longways or hotdog style or whatever you want to call it. After cutting your bag, wast it out.

Step 4: Simple Wallet

Tape the inside part of both halves together. DONE!!!!!

Step 5: Prepare Your Flap

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Decide which half is less perfect and cut the seal on that one.

Step 6: Cut Your Already Cut Piece in Half

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Take the piece that you just cut and cut along the crease made by the edge of the bag. (cut longways)

Step 7: Finist Your Receipt/Cast Flap

Picture of Finist Your Receipt/Cast Flap

Roll up a piece of duct tape (make this as tight as possible) and stick this to the sealed end of the still intact half of your chip bag. Take one of the halves of your other half and atach it small side in. (sorry if this is confusing) Put tape on both sides of the open end of the intack half and connect it to the flap. (again I'm sorry if that confused you, but I can't think of any other way to put it)

Step 8: Cut

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Cut your remaining piece into 3 parts. One big enough for a credit card slot, one big enough for a coin pouch, and then the last piece is extra. If you have any duck tape showing when you're done, then you can cover it up with this.

Step 9: Attach!

Picture of Attach!

Roll small pieces of tape to attach the spots where you will attach the pouches. MAKE SURE THESE ARE SMALL!!!!!!!!! IF THE PIECES ARE TOO BIG YOUR POUCHER WILL BE TOO SMALL!!!!

Step 10: Velcro (optional)

Picture of Velcro (optional)

Cut pieces of velcro for the edges of the wallet and the coin pouch. Reduce the width of the strips for the coin pouch. Attach. DONE!!

Step 11: DONE!!!!!

Picture of DONE!!!!!

Now you have a cool, recycled chip bag wallet!


davidtennant (author)2013-08-20

That would be really loud when you pull it out

dobbylvr (author)2009-05-02

I know. I will after I get another chip bag. I forgot to take pictures while making this one and my family doesn't eat chips very often so I have to wait to make another.

lemonie (author)2009-05-02

Ow my eyes!
You should do this again in bright light photographing each step. There are loads of wallet Instructables here, this one has rather bad looks in steps 1-9, which you could fix with some good photos.


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