Picture of Chip Packet Patches
So you're wanting to know what to do with that shiny chip packet? Make shiny patches!
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Step 1: Eat your chips

Picture of Eat your chips
You need:
An empty chip packet.
Double sided fusible interfacing
Some backing fabric
Sewing machine and thread
Oil based paint

Step 2: Iron it funky!

Picture of Iron it funky!
Place some material that you don't mind possibly ruining under the foil, and baking paper on top.

lorn it. As soon as you apply heat then raise the iron the foil will crinkle in really interesting ways. Keep ironing until you're happy with the shape and texture.

Step 3: Stick it

Picture of stick it
Theres lots of ways to proceed from here, so I'm going to show you two of my favorites.

Cut the foil into the size and shape you want. Set aside one half for later.

Apply a square for double sided fusible interfacing to your fabric. Simply lay it sticky side down, iron it. Let it cool and peel off the backing paper.

Place your foil over the top of the sticky area, cover with a baking sheet and iron it all together.

The more you iron the more distressed the foil will be.

Step 4: Sew it

Picture of sew it
Cut out your patch and sew something on top. I started with random lines that ended in this wavy pattern.

I decided that I'd use this patch on something not washable, in this case a book cover, so that allowed me to add non washable elements to it: I glued down sequins ( the glue will dry clear) and added colour with a light brush of oil paints.

I also took the piece that I'd set aside and randomly sewed it onto another piece of fabric, without the aid of the fusible interfacing as this doesn't create so many holes. it was also brushed with oil paints.

If you use oil paints leave them to dry for at least a couple of days.