After getting a nice new set of chisels i thought i should try them out. What could i possibly make on a cold winter's evening? Something warming. Woody obviously, but with a hint of danger...

Yeah, that'll do nicely! Thanks Presidents!

Step 1:

First I started doing a bit of research on what Tiki Idols actually look like. To Google! (other internet search engines are available, but a bit of a waste of time). This quickly led me to this fascinating wikipedia article on tiki culture. Turns out that the whole kitsch shebang is a 20th century American pastiche of Polynesian Culture. Heavy on rum drinks with random bits of fruit in them and hawaiian shirts. Two of my favourite things!

I started with a piece of 45mm X 90mm (essentially a 2×4 style) bit of building wood. This wood is nice and soft, so its good to start carving with. I used a bit of reclaimed wood from a dismantled bunkbed (hence the funky blue colour).

I roughly drew a design. It’s pretty basic, but i didn’t want to over design as I knew the outcome was going to change as part of the carving process.

(It's at this point, 32 plays later, that i started to get a bit tired of the song.)
<p>wow I really want to try this</p><p>I did some easy woodcarving before, this seems a nice step up from there.</p><p>I will let you know when its finished.</p>
<p>Cheers Mate!<br>I'm going to be making a Tiki Idol as the front design on a computer case I'm building, and just wanted to thank you for the tips and inspiration.</p><p>DtB</p>
A little inspiration goes a long way<br>thanks.
Very nice! Tikis are so pricey in eBay.
<p>hi im using this as a prop for my school talent show prefomance as a hula girl so thx<br></p><p> -- ilikebigcraftsandicannotliegurlkid</p>
<p>hi im using this as a prop for my school talent show prefomance as a hula girl so thx<br></p><p> -- ilikebigcraftsandicannotliegurlkid</p>
very nice work
Hi!<br> <br> I really like your carving! I made some miniature tikis using smaller knives, but I'm planning to make a bigger one... The wood thingie you used to hold your workpiece to the edge of the table is a really good idea. I think it really helps not to cut your fingers.<br> <br> Thanks again for your great Instructable!<br> <br> Greetings from&nbsp;Germany,<br> majjuss
Thanks majjuss. <br> <br>the wood thingy is called a bench hook. They're really useful for holding things in place (not just wood) when you're carving or sawing. they really help you get better results, cut a lot straighter and they're much safer. <br> <br>Here's how to make one: http://www.woodworkforwomen.com/make-a-bench-hook (the first decent tutorial i could find, there isn't an instructable for one, i guess i should write one!)
Finally, a real chisel carving tutorial. <br>You have no idea how glad I am to see this. <br>My dad found a set of chisels a few weeks ago (so I will start on the week-end)
This would be cool to remake into Styrofoam for Halloween and for those who don't have access to wood.

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