Years ago I bought several sets of chisels. Some cheap, others not so much. The more expensive chisels came with protective covers for the blades but they were made of plastic and were small enough that I lost them over time. I had to find a way to keep the chisels together and keep the blades from nicking each other. Enter "The Chisel Quiver"!

Step 1: Collect Tools and Materials

For this project I used a sheet of ABS plastic I had laying around, but I'm sure you could use an empty jug of laundry detergent or the side of a 5 gallon bucket.

ABS Plastic / Recycled Stiff Plastic

Eyelet Kit
Oven or Heat Gun
Tape Measure
Drill / Drill Press
Drill bit that matches the outer dimension of the eyelets
Utility Knife
Band Saw (optional)
spring clamps

Oooh, are laundry detergent bottles really made of ABS plastic? That would be so great to find a cheap source of the stuff
No they are definitely not ABS. I meant you could use them in place of ABS. People have made knife sheaths and holsters out of old laundry bottle plastic.
Nice work. I've been looking at my pegboard trying to figure out how to put my chisels on it in a nice, tidy manner. This looks like an excellent solution. Thanks!
Thanks! <br> <br>It could work for files, carpenter's pencils, Sharpie markers and all kinds of other stuff as well. <br> <br>I want to make holsters like this for my shop vac attachments as well. Right now I just have an old tool belt and pouch that kinda works.

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